Happy Dussehra Images

Happy Dussehra Images | 1200+ Happy Dasara Images

Dussehra ( Vijaya Dashami, विजयदशमी, Dasara, or Dashain) is a major Hindu festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil at the end of Navaratri every year. Dussehra is celebrated on the 10th day of the month of Ashvina ( September–October ), the seventh month of the Hindu calendar, with the appearance of the full moon, an event called the “bright fortnight”. Here are some meaningful and inspirational happy dussehra images, happy dasara images & vijayadashami images to share with your loved ones on the occasion of Dussehra Festival.

Happy Dussehra Images

Happy Dasara Images

Vijayadashami Images

Dussehra Images

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